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    External groups and Kerberos SSO not possible?




      I have just found out that setup Kerberos SSO is not possible in the jive admin console when external groups are enabled?


      Jive Admin Console _ Single Sign-On Settings_2014-12-04_21-28-14.jpg

      I just thought that other systems have a fallback for that case. They provide e.g. a login page for users who have no ad account...

      Is that anyhow possible now or in the future?


      Thanks, Jens


      Jive 7 on-premise

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          Hi Jens - Unfortunately the External Contributor functionality does not work as expected when you have Kerberos enabled. The fallback you are familiar with when External Contributors is enabled is only for SAML SSO.  We do have an internal improvement filed under ID JIVE-41004 to clean this up and make the two systems work together. If you would like to track this specific issue I'd recommend filing a new support case and we can associate that with your account so you're notified of any future updates.