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    Does anyone in FinServ have associates in South Korea access their hosted community?

    cieciuch Novice

      We here are Prudential (hosted v.6) are facing challenges with an international roll out of our internal Jive platform to South Korea.  As a result of a recent local regulation change, associates are not allowed to access the internet from their primary work environment (i.e.a Virtual Desktop Interface or VDI session).  The VDI environment is where all core business activities are performed and where all files are stored.  Associates can only access the internet from the computers they use to access their VDI sessions, but these computer sessions do not have access to bridge content/data into the VDI session.  So any attached content that users access from their desktop computers cannot be transferred into the VDI session (and vice versa) thereby limiting their ability to collaborate around content.  Not to mention accessing any links through email notifications, newsletters, etc. since email is hosted in VDI.


      I would be interested in finding out whether anyone else in the NY/NJ user group shares this unique challenge and what they are doing to overcome it.  Please DM me or respond to this post and we could take the conversation offline.  Thanks in advance!