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    Jive Mobile Defects


      Jive Support,


      Please open a case on the following four mobile issues. We are using Jive 7.0.3.

      • There is an blank space between Activity and People. If you click the blank space, it takes you to Profile.




      • After successfully upload the pictures from mobile app, the pictures don’t shows up in the app but in the desktop.


      • Using the bold, italic and underline toggles on the phone does not seem to work smoothly. If I turn bold on, then go to a new line, and try to turn bold off, it keeps it on.
      • Despite of disabling mobile (all mobile wording are gone from the Get Started page), iOS users can still access the site via Jive app. Android users get the "page not found" error which is the expected behavior.,


      Thank you.

        • Re: Jive Mobile Defects

          Hi Dennis Chiang - Sorry to hear about the issues with the Android app here!  I've been doing some testing on my side and I haven't been able to reproduce the issues around the missing link in the side navigation panel or picture not showing up. I'm also not seeing any bug reports around this issue.


          At this point I'd recommend opening a new support case in your secret support group so that we can take a deeper look into this particular issue and your instance.  To assist with that case, it would also be good to see if you're also getting those issues when you try to log into Jive Community (community.jivesoftware.com) from your Android device. This could help tell us if the problem is specific to the Mobile app install, or if it only happens with your instance.