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    Making external collaborators regular users?


      Hi all,


      We are considering using the external collaboration module as part of a large organization's on-boarding process. Essentially they want to be able to start the on-boarding process before the new employee receives their certified credentials that would give them access to the main community. We are thinking of establishing external collaboration groups for the various locations and their specific on-boarding procedures, but want to be able to make them part of the larger community once their on-boarding is complete and they have received their credentials. Is there a way to make an external collaborator a regular community member without deactivating their account and having them lose connections, content created, etc.?

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          This is a cool idea and great question -- it's relevant to the questions we've been addressing in the Configuring Internal Communities for External Contributors project space, too.


          cc: Frank Pathyil

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              This is an an interesting use case. I have no idea why but 3 different people have asked me about this today.


              • Would it be reasonable to ask for a clean switch? For example on Dec 31st you post your last under gmail and Jan 1 the profile is tied to "@corporate.com" 
              • How many users are we talking about? a few a month or 20 at a time?
              • Is there a liability or some sort of issue about the content BEFORE they were on the payroll? (ie you can't hold that against me, i said that before I read the employee code of conduct") I am less worried about this, just thinking out loud.
              • There are certainly also use cases about people you bring on as contractors and then hire on as full employees


              It would seem the easy switch is to change the email address but the issue is that sometimes users are provisioned via an LDAP integration. In this case the user is already here?


              Maybe we handle it like the switch of name (ie the situation of an individual switching from "maiden to married")


              Austen Rustrum what do you think, can we figure out a way to automate this ?

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              We are actually doing this with one of our clients, but its a very manual process at the moment. Workflow is like this:


              1. User is invited into a Private On-Boarding Group where documents needed by HR are kept.
              2. User participates in Private group for 2-4 weeks while they are brought into the company (From offer to First Day)
              3. On First Day
                • During Corporate Credential creation, part of the process is to find the User in the Jive Admin Console and maually change the profile from External To Standard
                • Email is manually changed to @ corporate.com
              4. User logs in via SSO
                • SSO setting "Merge Local User" is selected in settings
                • User is synced via email to SSO and Federated
              5. The peasants rejoice!


              Would be nice to automate but they are on Cloud and is a bit tricky.

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                We are doing this also (but only in special events) directly within the database Just change the user type (after you have cleared all user-group associations of this account and after you have cleared the cache) and clear the cache afterwards .. done