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    Unlocking your potential: Continuing education for the community industry?

    Kate Bellard

      A few years ago, the role of Community Manager for our internal community basically fell on my lap...and I'm so thankful that it did!


      Over the last few years I've partnered closely with Corporate Communications, Marketing, and IT, and am often included in internal conversations about the companies' communication plans, social media presence, and knowledge management systems.


      With that being said, I have a background in HR. This community industry that I've so thankfully fallen in to and want to stay and grow in is still very much a new and emerging concept for me.


      So my question to other community professionals is HOW DO YOU STAY ON TOP OF THE LEARNING CURVE? Are there courses, conferences (besides the amazing JiveWorld), workshops, even degrees out there for social media, social intranets, knowledge management, crisis management, internal communications, community management, etc?


      Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.