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    Resetting Gamification Points


      I've heard that some companies reset their gamification points enterprise for their internal communities.

      Is this the case? If so, can you explain why you might do that, what the pros and cons are?


      I can see how this might help brand new hires who feel they are way behind. However, I imagine it may really tick people off, or demotivate the top contributors at the least. I'd love to hear arguments for both.


      Thank you!

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          We did reset points this year. In order to mitigate the issues you are worried about, here's how we approached it:

          1. We decided that everyone who had "won" the game (reached the highest level) would be awarded a badge denoting that. We had the badge designed and ready.
          2. We created a secret group, and invited in everyone who had reached the top level so far. We explained our plan to them and asked for feedback. This was BEFORE we announced to the whole community, so they felt included.
          3. We also worked with this group to help us determine what the new levels would be. We decided it made sense to mix it up even more by adding a set of levels to work toward. They helped us come up with a theme that was globally suitable.
          4. We put together our plan, and started telling the general community about it a month in advance. This gave people who were close to reaching the top level time to get there.
          5. We reminded people that it was just a game. There is good intent, and we do try to gently nudge people toward specific behaviors, but earning the next level should be fun. And stressed that this leveled the playing field again, giving a new set of people the opportunity to "win".
          6. We actually wiped out the points two weeks before our Jive 7 upgrade, and then used gamification to promote the new features that were coming. This gave people a chance to quickly earn some points, and increased excitement around and awareness of the upgrade.


          There were people who thought that everyone should get a badge for whatever level they had previously earned. There were people who thought they should never have any points taken away. But on whole, people were enthusiastic. Most of the people who had reached the top were excited to be able to strive for something new. And I think they genuinely like the idea that it is a whole new scheme. Our previous one was mostly the martial arts belt system, and our new one is mythical creatures. People get to "be" a unicorn, a Centaur, a mermaid; and at the top is a dragon. I've heard comments like, "I've always wanted to be a unicorn, and now I get the chance!."

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              This is extremely helpful! Thank you Tracy. I might very well adopt your methodology here...

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                  Agreed. I really like this methodology and I'm in the first phases of doing basically these same steps myself.


                  For us, we launched gamification along with our Jive 6 upgrade and at the time we were rookies. Now, ~ 2 years later the game is feeling a bit old and there are a lot of "do overs" from lessons we've learned in the trenches that I'd like to incorporate.


                  I've also reached out to my top few users to get their thoughts (all are in favor) and now I'm moving on with my phase 2 which is getting open comments from the larger population in general (mostly only the points hungry folks will find it and share their thoughts...at least that's the way it looks right now).


                  I'm shooting to reset things in the Spring.

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                  I am a keen gamer of various sorts. Let take I finished Quake 4, it have never crossed my mind to replay it as I know the outcome.


                  I see Jive Gamification as same thing, if you wiped my points, ok ok, I got a badge if I was top, if not I am not. I am left with nothing and WHY would I play again knowing you just going to reset again in 2 years.


                  I would be concered that my top users would say 'Been there, Done that' and I (community manager) lost major time.


                  Now on the other hand I want users to give up their points by trading them in for something using the Nitro catalog. Than mean game is still going but points get removed allowing newcomers to catch up.

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                    I love your well thought out plan to do gamification reset!  I think it's something that we at Jive Software can also learn from in our own internal community. Since we are using our own product, gamification is used to have Jivers also find bugs and improvement opportunities and it can get out of hand. Having a well planned out for a future reset might not be a bad idea for us too

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                      Thank you for sharing your experiences. You've left me with a lot to consider. When the time came to pull the trigger, how did you go about resetting the points? I can't find anything here in Jive Works that shows an easy way to do this. Looks like I will need to go into each user and remove the points. Did you have the advanced gamification module or did you reset the OOTB points?

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                          Frank Field

                          Hi, Michele Garth,

                          Our process (and we are on Bunchball) is to reset points at the outset of the year. So, each December, we submit a case with support to do it. Luckily I get a fun tech to help and the process they say they'll do is the following:

                          1. File a case with Bunchball to get a new instance set up for Gamification
                          2. Go carolling, open presents and adapt to wearing pants again
                          3. On 12/30, Backup your old configuration settings within the Nitro Console
                          4. Restore your old configuration settings within the Nitro Console of the new instance
                          5. Swap the API Key, Secret, Username and Password in your Admin Console


                          And the last two years, they did this and it worked very well. The only thing I have to do is go back and re-hide certain people from the leaderboard that I want to have hidden. You can find out how to do that here: Re: Possible to exclude members from the Individual Leaderboard?


                          There might be a few other post-reset tweaks, but I consider myself the least-technical person in the world and I can do it.  It's literally just filing a case and the tech support folks do the heavy lifting.  Not sure Jive Rewards would lend itself to the same approach. In fact, it's because of the way Jive Rewards allows newcomers to climb into leadership that has us taking a hard look at cutting over to it in the future and not doing the points reset anymore.

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                        Interesting conversation. Any reason you wouldn't just add additional levels and missions to accomplish? That's part of our long-term plan and I'm curious if there are any drawbacks.

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                            The reason not to just add additional levels is that the newer folks see the "top" just got moved higher and now is even further out of reach.


                            Leo - the point is that the game is different. We added new missions, the levels are all different, and people's behaviors are different from when they played the first time. You can take it even a step further and re-evaluate the points that you have in place. Perhaps change the values to encourage different things. And since we tied ours in with a Jive upgrade, there were actually new features that we could now reward and focus on. So that can encourage folks who already "won" the previous game.

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                            We are looking to reset our points at the beginning of the year as do so every year as it will be a new game. Has anyone successfully kept a lifetime point balance on a user's profile?

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                              I've been reading this post with great interest. We "reset" when we moved to Bunchball 2 and a half years ago with little fuss from our community. Now the levels are more established and people have invested time and energy into the missions I would expect a reset to create a lot more noise.

                              We are upgrading Neo in the summer of 2015 and i'm going to take it as an opportunity for a fresh start, badges and points were relatively new and since we've started aligning our business goals with high value points interest has increased and a higher value is placed on where people are in the leader board (so to speak ours isn't actually working properly )


                              We will assign the level people have achieved as a badge of pride and then start from 0, we've been through significant change and have lots of new businesses and people and I think adding levels is great for the engaged people at the top but demotivating for those just getting started I agree with you Tracy Maurer Super engaged users will earn big again but the less engaged or newbies will get a fresh start.

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                                Aside from resetting points due to some technology advancement, I think the idea of resetting points based on a knowledge refresh has good merit.  I can see where those new to the organization might feel like it would take too long to "catch-up” regarding being regarded as a SME within JIVE.   Yet with a fresh start, soliciting "New Knowledge” to be collected and shared amongst the existing knowledge, would have positive benefits across the organization. 


                                For those who have been tagged as top contributors, I can see the challenge to continue to engage and contribute to be a good thing.  I think I read a post where the current top contributors would be given a special badge for historical reference of their previous work.  I like that idea.  Knowledge is always evolving, and it is key IMHO that the organization recognize the historical efforts, but be very clear to communicate that we need new ideas and knowledge to permeate within our organization. 


                                Sort of a "Re-Do Out Loud”  J



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                                  So nearly a year on from the start of this discussion (and nearly a year since we launched our community) we are looking now at pro's and con's of resetting points in our own community. For those of you who did indeed reset community points, do you have any thoughts on the results? Would you do it again? Did you have more / less participation after the fact? Did some users dis-engage? Was there less participation from previous leaders?


                                  We have an internal community and are a professional services company with decent turnover as contracts come and go and are worried about perceptions of fairness for longtime community members vs new members.

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                                    Frank Field

                                    And it's another year later, and I'll be double-checking with my boss today about doing a points re-set in our instance, too.  I'm pretty sure he'll want to.


                                    Last year, I approached it much like Tracy Maurer did.  The results this year for us for anybody curious:

                                    • I have a totally new and unexpected leader. Someone who, in fact, really busted her butt in being helpful. She saw the opportunity to be the leader and became "obsessed," she says. :-)
                                    • The point totals are MUCH higher than they were last year for the folks at the top of the leaderboard.
                                    • I wound up with at least half of the top 15 being new people (which I think is good).
                                    • I discovered a group that  has evolved into a new advocacy program that is now almost three months old.
                                    • I got fewer internal folks on the leaderboard (we have an external community with a fair amount of engagement from people who work at our company).


                                    • Those internal folks were much less engaged than last year. Partly, that's due to the company shifting strategies and their duties required focus in other areas. I'm in the process of determining if there's any role my own activities played in that, just to make sure.


                                    If there's a way to signify people as being legacy leaders, I'd love to hear what others are going.  We give a badge signifying past achievement - a gold coin with a year in the middle.  I'm not sure if that's enough, yet I don't want to keep the same people atop the leaderboard.

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                                        I think what you are doing in terms of awarding the gold coin is great. We also created a group for the people who hit the top level in our community before the reset. Talked with them before the reset, used them as a sounding board for things for a while. It made them feel a bit special because they had extra access to us. You could also ask for their feedback on why they think they are at the top this time instead of last time, and what you could do differently to encourage others.


                                        Good luck!

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                                          Hello! We were seriously considering resetting points earlier this year, but when we asked our partners in the business their thoughts, they were vehemently opposed. We went back and forth and finally decided to not reset the points, and instead re-do the level names and the points required to reach each level, making it more difficult to reach the top. We also changed our philosophy behind missions to fall into one of four key areas, with the overall goal being promoting good corporate citizenship instead of focusing solely on getting people engaged in our community. With the change of levels, folks were moved down a level or two in most cases and complained about losing the level they had been previously. Those complaints made us glad that we had not reset everyone back to zero. Overall, people have been happy with the new approach to the missions and the high point values we have given them in this new structure.


                                          I think the gold coin is a great way to recognize past leaders. When the points were reset a few years ago (before I joined the team), they gave legacy badges that were appreciated. Had we reset the points this year, we would have done that again.

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                                              Frank Field

                                              Hi, Maren Beckman, Your approach to adding new levels is interesting.  Is your community external or internal? And I'm curious what "good citizenship" means and why that was more important than engagement. Did you feel that you got the good citizenship you wanted or were you satisfied that you simply didn't irritate community members?

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                                                  Hi, Frank. Our community, Neo, is internal. We do have external contributors, but have not explored gamification for that audience yet. These are the four criteria that we, along with our business partners, agreed to prioritize:


                                                  • Promoting a positive company culture by awarding points for cross-departmental collaboration and participation in company-wide programs
                                                  • Rewarding learning activity in our LMS
                                                  • Giving recognition for Neo contributions, which will include points and missions for creating valuable content, as decided by the community
                                                  • Featuring missions and points for completing basic tasks on Neo as part of the onboarding process


                                                  Maybe "engaged" wasn't the right word. When gamification was launched, it was used as an onboarding tool and a way to show people what our community could do and how they could use the features (sharing, tagging, etc.) to their advantage. As an older community (we'll be six soon), we didn't want missions to focus solely on the how-to aspect of learning our community, though that is important and is included in the four criteria. We wanted to help promote the creation of good content and collaboration across different businesses, countries, and offices. We give recurring badges for people the blog regularly and have those blogs liked and for being followed so that people creating valuable content are rewarded. For bigger missions with 500 or 1,000 points, we reached out to different teams (Diversity & Inclusion, Brand, Social Impact) to let them know about our new direction when it comes to missions and to find out what projects they were working on and how we could partner with them as early as possible to have missions planned and ready, instead of tacked on as an afterthought.


                                                  I think we have seen some great engagement. Pearson is going through a period of transition right now, which can be difficult, and I think the missions have helped in some cases to get people more involved, to make them more aware of what is going on, and to allow them a fun way to be engaged with colleagues around the globe. We've also learned that senior leadership participation makes a difference and having a strong comms plan is key to a successful launch.

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