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    ¿Qué es Jive Chime?


      Felix Rubio a continuación una pregunta de Entel:

      ¿Qué es Jive Chime Free Mobile Messaging | Jive Chime  tendremos cuentas nosotros nos sirve o no? me pueden dar mas info al respecto. 

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          Ese tema se trató en Jiveworld como parte del roadmap. Solo un puñado de clientes tienen acceso a manera de prueba. Es parte de la estrategia de llegar con una solución para el Mercado medio que permita crear interés en una comunidad. Piensa como si fuera una mensajería instanea privada para la empresa y no usar herramientas publicas como Whatsapp.

          Eso no se libera antes del q12015 y será una herramienta stand-alone por lo que debe revisarse el alcance antes de pensar si les sirve o no.


          • What is Jive Chime?

          For professionals who need to quickly reach colleagues across locations, Jive Chime is a simple communication app that provides seamless access to the right people at your company. Unlike other standalone communication tools (email, text, IM, video, etc.), Chime provides you with the functionality you expect to be able to have and access your conversations anywhere, on any device.


          • What's being announced at JiveWorld?

          The Jive Forward vision of working in real-time and a Workstyle-driven stack of mobile apps for the workplace will be painted on main stage, but no direct reference to Chime will be made. There will be an exclusive Early Access event for ~100 customers who fall into our target market (mid-market companies of 500-5k employees) during which Jive Chime will be unveiled and discussed in moderate depth. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to sign up for Chime on iOS. Chime will not be broadly announced or publicized as we want to keep things on the DL until GA.


          • How do you get Chime?

          Jive customers who do not attend the Early Access event at JiveWorld can request to be added to our app whitelist by going to jivechime.com.

          What will the full Chime offering include?

          Jive Chime will eventually be available on iOS, Android, desktop and web.

          When will Chime be available to the general public?

          Q1 2015

          • Will other Chime apps besides iOS be available for Early Access?

          Yes. Android and desktop apps will be released in November with Chime Rooms to follow in December. Customers should look out for announcements in the Chime Community and check jivechime.com for download information.

          Will Chime be sold?

          Chime will remain free to download and use but will also have a paid "Plus" plan late 2015 for companies that want Admin Control features. Details on selling Chime TBD.

          • Where can customers give feedback, ask questions or report a bug?

          They can do all this either in the Chime Community or in-app by tapping "Feedback" in the Profile tab which will open up an email to support@jivechime.com.

          • How do you invite people to Chime?

          To invite your co-workers, simply start a new message, type their email address in the "To:" section, then write your message and hit send. They will receive an email invitation from you to join Chime. They can then sign up to reply, given they have a corporate email address. Upon release to the general public, you can import and/or invite your professional colleagues at any organization.

          • Are messages stored?

          Yes. Messages are stored in the Oregon and Virginia Amazon AWS data centers.

          Is content on Chime secure?

          Yes. We use SSL for data transfer and are hosted in the Amazon Web Services data center, meaning we benefit from all of their security certifications. Full details can be found here.

          • What is the impact of Chime for current Jive customers?

          Chime Bar will replace the beta WebRTC bar in Jive Cloud in Q2 2015.

          We plan to have a lightweight integration between Chime and Jive Cloud, though we are not yet ready to announce details.

          Note: Chime will be offered in the US only to start.

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