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    Why can't I create *New* tags on Status Update Comments/Replies?


      I noticed that when you use the hash tag key for status update comments/replies, you cannot generate *New* tags, you can only use existing tags that are already on the system.


      Is this intentional, or a glitch?

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          Hi Stefan Anton - I've done some research around this functionality and it looks like this has come up a couple of times in the past and at this time this has been deemed the intended behavior of the tagging functionality - Tag creation is not allowed in comments to Status Updates or Shares.  Our engineering team has the following note around this piece of functionality we're seeing:

          We do not allow tag create in comments because it would always result to a link to tag that doesn't exist in the system. Putting a hashtag in a comment box does not link that comment to the hashtag


          It may be a good idea to head over to the Jive Interactive Intranet team to raise this as an Idea for a future version - Our product managers review ideas in that place when prioritizing features for upcoming releases.