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    Webhook Example Resources not loading correctly


      Hello everyone,


      I've got the webhook example (jive-sdk create example-webhooks) working perfectly on localhost:8090, but as soon as I move it to a public server I get the error:

      Uncaught ReferenceError: doIt is not defined

      The function doIt() is located in tiles/webhooks/public/javascripts/main.js and is called in configuration.html.  If I move the main.js code to configuration.html I get:

      Uncaught ReferenceError: OAuth2ServerFlow is not defined

      So, somewhere in the process, my resources are not able to be accessed (I also get a 404 error for style.css). I may be completely misunderstanding how this add-on works, but I thought I would just be able to change the url in jiveclientconfiguration.json (like below) and it would run fine on my server since this process works when developing apps.


          "clientUrl": "https://<my-service-url>",

          "development": true,

          "oauth2-webhooks": {

              "clientOAuth2CallbackUrl": "https://<my-service-url>/oauth/oauth2Callback"



      However, this yields the errors mentioned above.  Is there another place I need to change the url, or am I badly misunderstanding the whole process?  As always, any help is appreciated.