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    Need help to invoke Jive REST API from Node


      I'm trying and exercise to learn Node and trying to use it to retrieve data from Jive using the REST Contents API and must be missing some basic concepts.  I need some help understanding some basic concepts.


      The exercise I'm trying to implement is creating a node program using the jive-sdk that periodically queries several Jive Groups for content.   It'll reformat and service that out to another external application.  While I could use webhooks to get the data (except the deletes); I'm chosen to poll Jive to learn how to use the API from within Node.


      I've successfully created the (backend) task using jive.tasks.build and have it executing on the interval I requested.  I can retrieve the community record from persistent storage but fail when trying to execute the doRequest function as it complains about no oauth is set up.  I think I'm missing some steps here but can't find any good examples in the content included with the Node API to figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Something basic for sure but I'm not seeing it.   Some guidance would be much appreciated!