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    Log in Button not Active on auto-complete

    Nik Edmiidz

      When logging into the Jive Community with Chrome (Mac OS), the Log in Button is not active.  Before I'm able to log-in I either need to retype my password, or add a bogus letter to the end and backspace delete it to cause it to be activated. 


      Screenshot 2014-12-16 12.39.45.png


      It would be nice if this could be fixed.

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          Hey Nik Edmiidz - I've seen this issue myself and I wasn't able to find any bug reports around this behavior.  I've gone ahead and reproduced the issue on a few different test environments and I've filed a new bug report for this behavior.  The bug ID is JIVE-52355 - I'd recommend filing a support case against this behavior so we can associate your case and your instance with this bug - This way you can get an update when the bug is resolved.


          It looks like the issue is simply due to the JavaScript in the page not being able to tell when the browser is auto-populating the username and password fields that have been saved. As you suggest, the best workaround today is to either change a character in the fields, or you can tab between the fields, which will also also the "Log In" button to re-enable.