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    Browser Spell Check and Jive Rich Text Editor issues

    Nik Edmiidz

      Using Chrome on MacOS, I noticed that when I try to spell-check my text, the spell-check doesn't work well with the Rich Text Editor.


      In this misspelling of "internal", it only underlines the word after 'i'',

      Screenshot 2014-12-16 12.47.01.png

      Then I correct it:

      Screenshot 2014-12-16 12.49.19.png


      And I get an extra 'i' at the beginning and it deletes the trailing space.

      Screenshot 2014-12-16 12.47.24.png


      I wonder if I should rather post this to the Google Chrome product forums. The problems is I use WYSIWYG editors on other platforms and never experience this issue.