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    How to get all user list


      As an Admin i would like to retrieve a list of all the user in my plateform.

      But there is no export from this panel :




      Is there any way to get this list ?

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          Hey julien sriskandarajah - Unfortunately there is no quick way to export a complete list of user accounts in Jive, like what you see in the admin console. For purposes of getting data out of Jive, like users or content, the typical approach will be to use the Jive v3 API to retrieve data from your system.  The API docs are at Jive REST Rest API v3.8 - You will want to reference the /people API end point.  Our Jive Developers community has resources around developing custom apps and utilizing the API.

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            Hello David Bastedo,


            Thanks for the information, i get my list but with a lot of information.

            Is it possible to choose only some specific information that i want to get like only email and name ?

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              I realize this is a bit of a thread necro... but I needed to do this today so I thought I'd post my solutions.


              I've attached a Javascipt file that I wrote for this.  It's imperfect and designed to meet the requirements I had in front of me, so your mileage may vary... still.  It makes use of the v3 /people API as mentioned in above posts.


              First - open the file in a text editor and, on line 60, add in your community's hostname.  Don't include https:// or any slashes - just something like "community.jivesoftware.com"  for example.  You have to do that before running this or it won't work.


              Once you've done that, here's how to use it in a nutshell:


              1.  Navigate to your community's homepage.

              2.  Open your browser console (I only used/tested with Firefox)

              3.  Copy the entirely of the attached .js file into your browser console and hit enter

              4.  Combine the files that it saves into a single file

              5.  Done!


              Some details:

              1.  Set your browser so that it automatically saves .csv files or you're be in for a wild ride....

              2.  If you have a very large community, this could take a really long time.

              3.  I have Full Access admin rights - I don't know if this script works under lower permission levels.

              4.  I used a standard Windows CLI (command line interface) command to combine files (copy *.csv File.csv) - you can do use whatever method you'd prefer of course.

              5.  Our community uses jQuery.  I don't know if that's standard with JIVE - if it's not, you'll need to either modify this script to include it or re-write the actual AJAX process to work a different way...


              This file runs entirely in the security context of your browser.  Clearly feel free to look over the code before running it (usually a good idea to do so!).  I put in a lot of comments, so hopefully it's clear what's going on.


              Again, this script served my needs, so I thought I'd share.



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                  Jordan Dayton

                  Brilliant work Michael Langford!


                  I tried to run it and it worked without a hitch. Chrome asked if I wanted to allow multiple download. I clicked YES and then 118 4kb files downloaded! I presume it's b/c it's only pulling 100 users per .csv file.  It doesn't seem like there's a way around this. I tried changing that parameter to 1000 and 500 and both returned errors. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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                      Glad it helped


                      Yeah, I tried 1000 too and it complained at me.  One thing I noticed is that for anyone who put commas in their names - Mary Johnson, PhD for example - it will confuse Excel when you open the file up.  The Windows copy command is fine, but you'll want to sort your Excel file to look for extra columns. For me, there should have only been 3 (fname, lname, email), so I sorted by Column D, which put all the random junk at the top so I could tidy things up.  That was the only real issue I ran into.  This JS could be modified to account for that.... but...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  hehe.  Maybe if I have to use it again.