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    Migrating from Wordpress


      Currently Jive supports importing content from Wordpress using XML.


      This however does not move assets: jpegs, png, word files.. etc.


      When migrating from Wordpress to Jive the next does import (with tag errors) but the assets remain on the server.


      Is there a way to also migrate the assets ?


      The only option I have seen using Jive's API.


      Jive REST Rest API v3.8 → Post entity


      Code would have to be written that parses the XML looking for the text and enters this text into the JSON. It would then have to parse out all images in that post, download them and add them to the new Jive post using that same JSON query.


      Not impossible, but not _that_ easy also.. especially considering this is a one time affair.


      My question is then, is there a better way to do this ?


      Greg Lowe