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    Issues with marking content for action – anyone else experience this?


      examplemarkedcontent.jpgScenario: We have an open group on our intranet where we share videos that are part of a global learning series. All sessions are recorded and then shared via blog posts for the whole company to access at their convenience.


      With the new structured outcomes, we had a user click "mark for action" on the blog post with the intention of reminding himself to watch the video at a later date. Problems?


      1. The action went out to everyone following that content/group.
      2. No one else can mark that as action now that he has.
      3. There's confusion for users who see the action as to why it was marked and whether the message is meant for them.


      We had a similar experience with a recent announcement about a new IM tool the company is rolling out. One user marked it for action. Everyone saw it. The person who posted the announcement deleted the action, which then marked it as resolved.


      When we upgraded to 7, I explained to users that the structured outcomes would likely have the most value in collaborative groups, but if the option is available in other places (including our official spaces such as IT, HR, Finance and Legal), we've learned that people will use it – even when it's not really clear how the outcome is meant to function.


      Has anyone else encountered this? I want to be able to clear this up for our users, but I'm not sure if I'm clear on how to manage this myself.