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    Metrics for Community Ambassadors


      We recently launched Jive as an external community and have an inducted set of internal employees as Ambassadors/Advocates to help champion engagement & adoption across the Community.

      Ambassador expectations :

      Advocate/Evangelize externally & internally to drive participation.

      Engage by providing content : thought leadership , best practices, discussions threads etc.

      Provide moderation & oversight : answer questions or help connect to appropriate people , SME representation for functional/geographical area

      We are looking to put some structure and goals for this group going into next year and would be great to get some feedback if anyone has been through a similar exercise , particularly around :

      - Metrics to measure traction (quarter over quarter) : What metrics might be most effective to reflect positive performance?

      - Effective motivation techniques 


      Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

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          susan_rubio Advanced

          I’m looking to do the same thing in January (just internal).  Looking forward to hearing what everyone is doing for a ambassador/advocate program.

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            Hi Folks : Reposting in case anyone can speak to the original question. Thx.

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                mack_torres Expert

                CMR can give you the top people creating content by Content Type, but I was looking for something related to Users answering Questions and Providing Helpful responses as we are looking to create a top Influencers Badge with gamification and I found this thread that could be helpful: Measuring customers helping other customers


                I think you would need to do an Inner Join with the jiveUsers table to get the Usernames but it has the UserIDs and could help you filter out the top people helping users in the community. Here is what the query will return:



                  The results of this query will tell you:


                  • ID of the Thread
                  • ID of the message that was the answer
                  • Who asked the question
                  • Who answered it
                  • When was the thread asked
                  • When was it answered
                  • State of resolution (blank = not resolved, 1 = assumed answered, 2 = answered (could be helpful or correct)
                  • Helpful answer (0 = No, 1 = Yes) also known as "AIDED"
                  • Correct Answer (0= No, 1 = Yes) also known as "RESOLVED"



                Here is the Query:



                select question.threadid, answer.messageid, question.userid as "Asker", answer.userid as "Answerer",to_timestamp(question.creationdate/1000) as "creationdate",to_timestamp(question.resolutiondate/1000) as "resolutiondate", question.resolutionstate,answer.helpfulanswer,answer.correctanswer
                from jivequestion question
                left join jiveanswer answer on answer.threadid = question.threadid
                order by question.threadid asc


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                mack_torres Expert

                Here is another thread that might be helpful: Engagement: Data Export / Query

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                  Informative ...thanks Mahal.