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    I have an excel hang memory dump I'd like analyzed, my company can't use Jive!!




      I work for Motorola Solutions, Inc. We are all trying to use Jive together with Converge.  When using simple spreadsheets in Excel, Jive's Merge feature seems to work well.


      However, when the file grows and multiple tabs get involved, Jive's Merge function is hanging Excel.


      I have a Hang Memory Dump taken using the Jive Diagnostics version, and would like someone at Jive to study it.


      Jive Diagnostics reported the memory dump as being "uploaded to Jive".... now what?   Is there a ticket number that can track progress?


      We are using Jive for Office, "Client Version 2.5 (20.5.593.15184)".


      HELP PLEASE!!!


      Very Best,

      Antonio Shappely