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    Jive App For Outlook - Ribbon


      I have searched and didn't find anything on this.


      I'm running Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.


      After I installed the Jive for Outlook App, it dropped a Jive section into the Ribbon in Outlook.  Cool.


      I do not like the placement, so I go into Options and Customize the Ribbon, and move the Jive section.  All good, except....


      Evertime I reboot, the Jive ribbon returns to it's old spot and I have to move it again every morning.


      First world problem for sure, but I am not the only one in my office with the issue.


      Any ideas?



      Dennis Kelly


      (I am a test user and we have not rolled out the intranet yet, but soon!)

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          Hi Dennis Kelly - Unfortunately customization of the Jive ribbon is not something the Jive for Outlook & Office module supports at this time. The ribbon resetting when starting outlook or office is expected behavior given the current functionality.  I'd encourage you go to post over in Ideas for Jive to request the ability to better control the Jive module in the ribbon for a future version.


          Let me know if this helps answer your question.