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    Archiving content and changing categories

    akoplen Advanced

      Hi there,


      Many of our groups follow best practices with creating and utilizing categories. Occasionally,  we run into the issue of what to do once existing content is now archived, and new content needs to be added.


      I will use the example of an "Events" group to example my case:


      • Let's say a user creates a "Holiday Party 2014" group.
      • The group owner will set up various categories, such as "event schedule", "carpools", "set up", "shuttle bus information", "FAQ", etc.
      • Once the event has passed, the content is then outdated, as it only pertained to that specific year.
      • Then, the following year, they want to utilize this same group for the same purpose, switching the name of the group to "Holiday Party 2015".
      • What would be a best practice to move forward with using categories?
        • You cannot mass move content from one category to another (i.e. I have thought about creating a "2014" category and moving all content to there, but that would be too timely, and then I would have to repeat the same pattern once the 2015 content becomes outdated).
        • We use the "Recent Content" widget on our homepage, so editing content from one category to another would cause that content to appear on the homepage, and ultimately stir confusion to our internal community members.

      Suggestions? Let me know if you need additional information.

        • As I mentioned, this particular example is just one of many where we run into this problem - curious what type of feedback other Community Managers have.


      Thank you!


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          Libby Taylor Expert

          Hey Alexis Brown,

          You might want to move this topic over to the The specified item was not found. group where there is a high level of engagement with our other community managers. I think you'll get more responses to your questions that way.


          Regarding your question, we usually use the "project" place for something like a holiday party collaboration (if it requires more than one document). It can have a start and end date that way. Then the following year you can start up a new project for the party the current year.


          If it requires a minimum amount of collaboration we sometimes just use a single document (like a pot-luck sign up sheet). 


          Regarding your idea: The one problem with using the same space year after year is that while you can change the name visually, the link itself would remain the older name. To counter this effect, you could originally call the group "Holiday Party" then once saved, change the name to the current year "Holiday Party 2014", that way the root URL is generic and the name would change year after year.


          Now about categories, you could keep the categories non-year specific, such as "potluck" "decorations" or "clean up" and then use tags for the years. You could create a search string using a combo of category (potluck) and tag (2014) then tie that search result link to some call to actions which you control on the overview page. Do this by:

          1. Go to the Content tab in the group
          2. Click on the Category on the left side
          3. Click on Filter by Tag and enter the tag for the year (2014)
          4. Copy the URL in the browsers HTTP field.
          5. Create a call to action button on the overview page for the group (like "What we're bringing to the Potluck!")
          6. Use the URL copied in step 4 to create the link for the CTA.


          I hope this made sense. Let me know if you have questions.

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              akoplen Advanced

              Hi Libby,


              Thanks for your suggestions! The group is open to the entire company, providing numerous informational documents. I could see how your suggestion of a project could be useful if it was just for a specific team, but to keep things more simplified and easiest for users to find items, housing the content within a group seems to be most efficient. I like your suggestion of eliminating the year within the group's title to reduce more work. In regards to categories and adding tags for the year - my concern is that it may not be intuitive for group owner's to manage a search result link using a widget (formatted text), and that again, we run in to the problem of over time they will have to manage this. I am open to this idea though, and training owners how to manage this, because I do like the idea of tagging content by the year. I wonder too if using the "watch a tag" widget could play into all of this as well.


              Thanks for your suggestions, I'll play around with it all.

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                  ochandel Novice

                  You can bulk assign categories without modifying all the documents using the following steps:


                  a) tag all documents with a unique tag

                  b) go to Manage->Category->Add New Category

                  c) In the dialog box, give new category name; in the tag input - give newly created tag; and finally check the 'Apply this new category to all content using the suggested tags?' box in the bottom.


                  Hope it helps.

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