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    Sales Enablement use case benefits - references needed


      I would like to find some published Jive documents, articles, surveys to use as reference for the below stats so that I can use them to support my sales enablement use case. Is there a place here in the Jive Community where such references are stored for easy retrieval by community managers please?


      • 8% increase in the number of deals
      • 12% increase in win rate
      • 13% increase in sales per rep
      • 5% increase in deal size
      • 22% reduction in sales cycle time
      • 14% reduction in sales support needs
      • 27% reduction in email sent
      • 23% reduction in new sales rep on boarding time
      • 30% reduction in deal cycle time
      • x% found it valuable at building a network
      • x% said Jive was valuable for accessing knowledge and information
      • x% said Jive helped improve pitch/proposal quality
      • 50% of Salesforce customers integrate with Jive for collaboration