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    Creating Digital Documents (Tips anyone?)


      We're currently in the process of changing a lot of our documents on our Jive instance to a digital document (rather than an attached PDF). Does anyone have any useful tips on how to use the document editor or any templates that you could share?


      Anything helps!


      Thank you,


      Ana Miksche

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          Hi Ana -- one issue to consider is whether to turn comments on / off. Obviously, there is an advantage to leaving comments on, but for instructional / best-practice documents, what tends to happen is users often end up asking their questions as comments (rather than as discussions). While discussions can easily followed up on / marked helpful or correct, it's difficult to track comments, not to mention it looks quite messy to post an "official" document and have numerous questions tacked on as comments.


          If you do think about shutting off comments, make sure it's clear how one *can* ask a question, i.e., post a line like, "If you have questions, click here ..." at the top of every document.


          As for the text editor itself, definitely make use of the Table of Contents function for longer documents -- it's simple to use and makes it easy for users to jump to the section they want.

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              Kara Francis

              I really appreciate your suggestion about disabling comments on official knowledge documents and including a link for them to post their question in the appropriate spot.  Especially since you can’t branch comments made to a document and also the correct and helpful designations aren’t available.




              And I’d suggest including the “ask a question/leave a comment” link at the top and the bottom, for those who may get to the end and want to post a comment, but don’t see the option.  e also include this link in our footer, since our community is primarily for support purposes.

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              Thank you both! That's very helpful and it's something that we've actually been debating for some time (Comments vs discussions). We need to clean up a lot of the comments on our documents because some were posted with the original version of the document 4 years ago!


              We're also trying out the Table of Contents.


              Any suggestions on how to use images in a document? Right now we use tables so we can get them to fit where we want in the document, but that causes some issues.