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    Helpful Links Tile - where's the data stored


      We're migrating from version 6 to cloud this month and need to convert the information that was in the Links Plugin which is going away to a new source.   Our Jive resource has supplied us with a CSV file that contained the information from the old Links Plugin (~11K records).


      I think I use any of the following ways to replace it and here would be my preference

      1) Use the Helpful Links Tile - but how do I populate the links from what I have now?

      2) Use Bookmarks with the standard API;  no app needed to use it

      3) Write a custom app and store the data in extprops on the person record


      For the Helpful Links Tile;  where does that tile store it's information and is there an API I can use to populate the data.  Either that or manipulate the CSV and give it back to jive to populate the data in a table somewhere.


      I know the APIs exist for Bookmarks but it seems the helpful links tile would be the best methods