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    Three Drivers of Social Business (And The One That Won't Work) - SideraWorks

      Three Drivers of Social Business (And The One That Won't Work) - SideraWorks


      Social business isn’t yet the standard. Neither was being on the web in the early 90s, and this business evolution has a striking number of similarities to that path. In any era of new or evolved concepts, there are phases of adoption. There are also profiles of those responding to the shift,...

      One significant driver for many of the companies already actively pursuing and adopting social business is the desire to innovate, and not only stay ahead of the competition (though that’s part of it), but to lead the industry or the market by creating and implementing new business models altogether.

      The risk level here is pretty high, because it involves heavy investment in the creation of vision, culture and processes rather than mirroring those that are already proven successful. But the payoff here is potentially big too, since success means writing the standards, not following them, and with continued investment, constantly being in a position to disrupt markets or create entirely new ones.

      Social business isn’t a technology revolution, or a process shift, or even simply a business model disruption.

      The technology and the business models and the processes and infrastructures are what develop to support that. Not the other way around.

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