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    Possible to search PDFs on a site external to a Jive instance?


      Hi all,


      I've got a question that surely needs a technical answer: How can we keep a large library of documents that's already available on a website (non-Jive), but convince our Jive instance's Search engine to peer into those documents when Search is called upon?


      We have several thousand PDF files that are already publicly available on the company website, but we'd like people to discover them in our Jive community when they need help. We COULD duplicate all the items and commit to duplicating every new item that appears, but that is, well, duplicating effort. It seems that there should be a way of linking the Search tool in our Jive instance to those documents somehow.


      Has anyone in this group done such a thing? Successfully or unsuccessfully?

      I've heard that certain databases can be configured with OpenSearch to do this, but I've got little idea how it's done, and I'd appreciate someone knowledgable educating me.




      - Josh