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      In the 21st century, we need less PowerPoint and more conversations

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      The future of work needs to be a burning issue for all leaders. The workplace will tap into the best people who

      The coming years of work will be both about going back to business basics when it comes to people and talent and rethinking business to include how we can deliver results faster with leaders who can clearly communicate their vision. It will be a world in which employees and contingent workers will know their role in implementing the organization’s strategy without endless meetings and turf wars. It will be about executing a shared purpose. And yes, it is that simple.

      Leaders have a huge opportunity to reinvent the workplace to tap into people’s needs for purpose and meaning by aligning talent with key projects. This will lead to the much-needed opportunities for innovation and productivity improvements. By focusing on how social technologies can connect and create communities, for example, organizations can more easily streamline work and create two-way communication channels for employees, customers and partners.

    • Work out loud in 2015 and build thriving communities. Stop leading with technology and tools and start integrating them in how you work. I introduced working out loud at a recent client engagement and we managed to cut meetings by half as we took the conversations to the online collaborative platform and shared what we were working on. The meetings themselves became more meaningful because the background conversations already took place online. And it was not an easy journey as habits needed to change but it was worth the investment as decision-making accelerated and geographical distances were no longer a barrier to collaborating.
    • Good positioning for 2015

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