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    Install an app created using node.js to jive hosted instance




      I was exploring apps and have created a simpleapp using node.js. The app worked fine in my local jive setup. I have edited the app further and explored actions and osapi.


      Through the app documentations on community I could successfully try various scenarios of actions and osapi functions like userpicker and create document.

      I wanted to install this app in my UAT instance but running into an error.


      I went to upload an addon page and uploaded the extension.zip which I had created in my local machine.


      The same extension.zip works perfectly fine in my loacl jive 7 set up but throws an error in UAT instance:


      Error message is attached.

      I have enabled the add-ons from admin console for my UAT instance.

      Is there something else that needs to be done?


      Or is there a different process to install apps in jive hosted instance.

      Any guidance would be appreciated as I am very new to apps and need pointers