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    SAML SSO and Distinguishing between Mobile Apps and Web Browsers


      I am trying to figure out the best approach to allow mobile use of Jive at my company.


      One key benefit would be if our IdP could distinguish between a SAML claim from a web browser compared to a SAML claim from a Jive Mobile app for iOS / Android.  For example, we could allow access to the Jive Mobile apps from any location but then be more restrictive on web browsers. This is especially beneficial if we custom-sign and wrap the Jive Mobile app and then deploy through a company app store.


      Also, I saw a posted question about two months ago on the iOS mobile app that the user agent is coming through as Mozilla 5.0 instead of "jive-ios-core", so I am concerned that I will not be able to distinguish between a generic web browser and a mobile app.