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    Locating and moving soft-deleted files




      I'm working on an application that requires to locate and move to designated space all the content that satisfies specific conditions, including content that is marked as deleted, but is still recoverable through admin console. The contents would then be hard deleted by the admin.


      when using standard REST call for ContentService


      the soft-deleted content isn't included in the results


      I found that if I use search feature while providing an empty query the results I'm able get contain soft-deleted contents



      Unfortunately the result doesn't contain "self.ref" field which would tell me what url should I use for my REST call


      published documents contain that field, so I'm able to determine which url I should use to update them


      "self" : {

        "allowed" : [ "GET", "DELETE", "PUT" ],

        "ref" : "https://domain.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/contents/1234"



      What are the steps required to move soft-deleted contents and is this even possible at the moment without recovering the content first ?