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    Does anybody know how to get analytics for the Skills and Expertise field?


      I haven't been able to find a way to get any data around usage of the Skills & Expertise field in the profiles (where users can tag themselves and others with skills, and create endorsements for others like in LinkedIn).  The field does not appear to be included in the CMR report on profile completion.  I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this--I could be missing something really obvious, though.  In a perfect world, the information I would like to get would include:


      • How many profiles include Skills and Expertise tags
      • How many people have created Skills and Expertise tags, and who they are
      • How many Skills and Expertise tags have been created and what they all are in list form
      • How many people have endorsed someone
      • How many endorsements have taken place
      • And, ideally, be able to see this information plotted over time or be able to break it down into time periods


      Is anyone already measuring this or have a tip on how to do so?  [Archived] Jive Analytics