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    Open learning event beginning Jan. 25 - Learning, work and enterprise social networking


      Posting this for anyone who may be interested in joining in and/or sharing with others. You don't have to register or commit to any amount of activity - you can participate or lurk as much as you like.


      Here's the story:


      Every year, I teach a course in the Masters Program in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University (MSLOC 430) that in large part looks at how enterprise social networking impacts organizational learning and knowledge sharing. This year I am "opening up" a part of the course so any interested practitioner can join in discussions and idea-sharing with each other and with my enrolled students.


      The inspiration for the topics we'll cover in the open section comes from reflecting on how to span two areas of practice - people who think about ESN's and "work" and people who think about networks, ESNs an "learning." When I look for new ideas that leverage enterprise social networking technology to truly transform the way we work and learn, I see two things:

      • Innovations addressing how we work or solve work-related problems coming from business and management practitioners – like working out loud, idea jams, crowdsourcing, and open design.
      • Innovations addressing how we learn coming from education or organizational learning practitioners – like MOOCs, connected courses, virtual communities of practice and communities of inquiry.

      During the open learning event, the goal is to think about these two streams of innovations as one. To explore the potential innovation that comes from criss-crossing domain boundaries.


      More details here:


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