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    New employee onboarding (HR focus)


      I know that there are a lot of actions that we can gamify for users in the community to incentivize participation and activity, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience on how to build out a module or program that could be assigned to 'new employees' to help them get through a certain number of tasks that they should complete within certain timeframes.


      For example, in the first week of work, employees should fill out specific paperwork or review certain documents (employee handbook, legal information, etc). Then there could be another layer of Learning & Development awareness and to reinforce the continued use of the community as a resource for knowledge (rewarding bookmarking, etc).


      Any suggestions or ideas of how this has worked for others?

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          Glad you brought this up, Justin, as I'm meeting with our head of global HR  ops next week to discuss this very thing and would love to hear any best practices!


          My pitch is to create a New Hire badge, which is kind of like a scavenger hunt. Since "viewing" a particular blog can trigger Bunchball, we can ask new hires to "read" or at least find all of the important documents hosted in our community (mission/values, code of conduct, etc). Those who earn the badge within a certain time frame will be entered to win something, maybe lunch with the CEO, gift card, etc.


          My one concern is that some of the actions we'd like to encourage do not take place in our Jive community so there may be some manual work involved, which I'm not sure will be scalable.

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            Megan Truett

            Leigh Gordon did a great job on this for a client of ours (but I'll leave the glory of the story for her to share).

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              We are also working on adding something similar in addition to our Mosaic Explorer mission that got folks playing around on the platform a bit. (Mosaic is the name of our intranet).

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                I just recently created an on-boarding page for users new to our community. I'm not able to "assign" it to them, so I created a link to a Welcome group on the home page. In there, I created 10 items that I want them to focus on. Once they complete those 10 items, they'll earn 200 points and a badge. It's gotten some great response and several people have completed the mission. The page includes information on how users can complete each of these. Here are the triggers I'm using for it and the actions we wanted to encourage:

                1. Create Status Update - wallentry-CREATE
                2. View Welcome Blog (in Welcome Group) - BlogPostEvent-VIEWED   - type:blogpost, id:1189, containerType:socialgroup, containerID:1084
                3. Join Welcome Group - SocialGroupEvent-MEMBER_ADDED   - containerType=socialgroup & containerID=1084
                4. Bookmark/Favorite a piece of content - FavoriteEvent-ADDED
                5. Vote on an idea - ContentEvent-VOTE-idea
                6. Create a discussion & question - QuestionEvent-ADDED &  ThreadEvent-ADDED
                7. Like a discussion - LikeEvent-LIKE-thread
                8. Follow someone - FollowEvent-FOLLOW
                9. Perform a search - (this is a dummy event that doesn't have a trigger) - first search event only works once
                10. Fill out all fields in profile - ProfileCompletedEvent
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                  Hey Justin,


                  We created a New Hire Badge. We had to scale back our expectations due to some limitations in the system. For instance we wanted to have people follow specific leaders/people and certain spaces/groups (HR, Benefits, Individual BUs, etc.). Unfortunately this isn't possible with our Nitro console. So we listed out tasks for them to complete (see below) and then had them complete a poll question (on the honor system) which triggered the badge. Not a perfect solution, but it seems to be working pretty well.


                  1. Complete a Jive Training Webinar. Click a link to launch.
                  2. Update Profile
                  3. Upload Avatar
                  4. Ask a Question in a certain space.
                  5. Follow these spaces....
                  6. Follow these Executives...
                  7. Start required training courses. Click a link to launch.
                  8. Complete the "Have you completed your week 1 tasks?" poll.



                  #8 is on the honor system and triggers the badge.