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    Jive community members: Did you know you can blog in the JC?

    Libby Taylor

      In case you are not already aware of this opportunity, we have a community blog in our The specified item was not found. group which will feature your blog on the Jive Community home page!


      If you are interested in blogging about any topic related to communities or social business in general, please review the Blogging Guidelines as well as the Terms and Conditions.


      We love to hear your opinions and thoughts about things happening related to this industry, however, we ask that you refrain from selling your services or pointing to outside blogs or companies.


      The Social Business blog is moderated, so you might be asked to edit your blog or repost it in another space if your content is not quite right. Any questions? Please ask! You can always work up content and send it to me to review in advance if you want.


      Thanks for participating!