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    Applying lean IT to healthcare | McKinsey & Company

      Applying lean IT to healthcare

      Lean IT can help providers in their quest to create a digital enterprise. A McKinsey & Company article.

      The healthcare sector is going through fundamental technology-enabled changes in the way care is delivered, how providers interact with their patients, and how payments are made.1 To take advantage of digital technology and create more effective systems that help health professionals deliver better care, providers are moving rapidly toward becoming digital enterprises. For example, they are borrowing lessons from e-commerce leaders on how to acquire and retain patients through data analytics and from manufacturing entities on managing patient throughput and optimizing clinical supply chains. Providers are also leveraging apps on smartphones to engage patients remotely in new ways that improve outcomes, and they are using digital technologies to support clinical decisions and streamline hospital operations. In this way, the adoption of more sophisticated analytics has simplified processes and significantly reduced manual workloads.

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