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    Ways to authenticate for v3 REST API?




      What options do I have for authenticating my separately hosted app to use Jive v3 REST API?

      What auth libraries would you recommend for either javascript client-side or java server-side authentication?

      (We have an option to integrate at either of these levels.)


      I am working on a small ap to manage training class applications. We want to use some participant data from Jive.

      We can get responces to requests like


      in web browser (after logging in to Jive in that browser), but with requests from javascript we get 401 because apparently that requires separate authentication.


      Our login is normally handled through an SSO solution called OGWall. I wonder if that affects our choices.


      Aside from using the correct library, what data will we have to request from our installation admins? Or can we set it up in some way, so that we need no additional input from them, and can get away using only the normal authentication the user has to pass anyway with their password in order to acces the Jive web app?


      Kenny Lum suggested to ask my technical questions here, although I feel my problems at the current stage may be installation-specific.

      He also suggested @ - mentioning Ryan Rutan and Andrew Mishalove.


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions!