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    IFTT, Buffer... or other tool to connect Jive with social media features


      Dear all,


      Several peoples in my company use IFT and Buffer to collect and share social media article on Linkedin, Twitter.. but not in our Jive.

      Or,we would like to develop a culture of "market intelligence" in differents communities.


      So, could you tell me if the connection Jive/IFTT or Jive/Buffer are in your roadmap in court term ? or you have a equivalent feature / solution to reach our business goal ? 


      Thanks a lot,



      Links :


      Social Media Management | Buffer

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          Hi Thomas roche - This is a great question. I haven't come across any announcements or materials around Jive being added as a possible platform / integration point with IFTTT - It's definitely an awesome service that I've used personally and I would love to see it work with Jive. It may be worthwhile going over to the Ideas for Jive place and putting in an new Idea there requesting that feature. It would help the products team here gauge community interest and helps bring more visibility.


          As for similar pieces of functionality, I do know that a lot of what IFTTT provides is mirrored in our own StreamOnce functionality - Where you can take incoming streams of data, like email lists, Twitter feeds, Facebook, etc, and drive new content and activity in Jive.