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    Custom searches


      Hi, I'm considering starting using Prodcuteev - my one main issue is around getting custom search results - for example, all tasks in a particular project for a particular person or with a particular label. The API seems to support this searching, but as far as I can see the web interface, the Android app and the Mac app don't seem to have anywhere that allows entry of a custom search. Also, if I search Google for custom searches, it looks like a previous version of the product did include this feature.


      Please can you confirm whether there's any way to do custom searches currently, and what the timeframe is for adding it if it's not currently there? It seems extreme that I'd need to write my own bit of code to use the API just to get access to a feature that's contained in the system!


      Thanks a lot.

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          Hi, I posted a question five days ago and haven't had a response, please can you give me some feedback on this issue? Thanks, Iain

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            I find this really bizarre. There's a forum set up by the company for questions, so people ask questions. Company staff have clearly been on here as I see responses from them later than my question, but my question and the questions of many others simply go unanswered.


            This unfortunately portrays the company and the product in a very poor light, unless the point is simply to not respond to free product users, and just to respond to the paying customers, and if that were the case, I wish someone would simply say so to save me keep checking in here in the fading hope that someone may have given me an answer.

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                Hi Iain,


                Firstly I would like to apologise for the support experience you've had previously, I have fed back your comments to the broader support organisation as it would appear that we need to drive improvements in some areas of our support in this regard.


                Whilst I appreciate the following information is reaching you a little late nevertheless I wanted to let you know that I have carried out some investigation as to whether or not custom searches are possible, unfortunately I must inform you that this feature is not available. This is something that appears to have been raised before here: which I will encourage you to comment on or please feel free to raise a new idea in Producteev for evaluation by the Product team.


                Once again apologies for the experience you have had here. We appreciate comments from our customers as this helps us improve.