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    Search for Content with a specific Category - v3 API


      Looking through the various search options in the v3 API






      I haven't found a way of searching for Content that has a specific Category assigned to it.  Has anyone else?


      This link from Jive Community, will filter the Contents of the Developer Space by a Category, but I cannot see how you could do the same through the API.



      I thought the TAG option on the Contents GetContents filter might work, because you can associate Tag values to the Category.


      But I tried it and it didn't find the Content.  I tested the Tag filter with Content that had been tagged normally and that worked, so it seems it is just Content that has a Tag inherited from a Category.

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          You have not mentioned the Jive version you are on, but since this question was asked early Jan, I am assuming you are on Jive 7. If you are still looking for the answer, you can re-look at the search API documentation (latest being v3.13) which specifies category as one of the query parameters, provided you have a place filter as well - "If a place filter exists for a content query, allow an optional category filter of desired categories separated by commas.".


          However, please note that this is supported in API version 3.13 (and maybe in 3.12 as well?). I couldn't get this to work in v3.4 of the API (I have a version)


          To know which API versions your Jive instance supports, hits this url (as mentioned under Versioning here: Jive REST Rest API v3.4) :

          GET https://mycompany.jiveon.com/api/version

          The response is as follows and should tell you which v3 api version is supported. If yours supports 3.13, you are in luck!


            "jiveVersion" : "",

            "jiveCoreVersions" : [ {

            "version" : 2,

            "revision" : 3,

            "uri" : "/api/core/v2"

            }, {

            "version" : 3,

            "revision" : 1,

            "uri" : "/api/core/v3"

            } ]