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    User is duplicated in Producteev




      I attempted to send a form-based email in within Producteev workspace but I guess that went into a blackhole (sent on Monday with no reply).


      Regardless, we have a user that has somehow been duplicated with our Producteev network. The secondary problem to that is both users have different tasks listed and the user cannot edit, respond to nor modify anything that isn't under her login specifically. I'm not sure how this happened or if it should be possible for a user to have two account with the same email address.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...



      Justin Jurgens

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          Hi Justin,

          Is Marcia the duplicate user? I reviewed the network and it appears that there were two emails registered under her name. One of the accounts uses the domain email@tbconsulting.com and the other uses  email@tbcconsulting.com

          I'm not sure which one is the duplicate, but if one of them needs to be turned off, please let me know which one.