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    What is the best way to delete content that hasn't been viewed in over a year?


      To try to answer this I started with, what is the best way to retrieve the most recent view date/time for all content in the community?

      My approach is poor, there must be an easier way.


      I can get a full list of content from the Rest API and compare it to a Filtered list by ACTIVITY_VIEW_XXX exported from the Data Export Utility.

      Can someone get me on the right track?


      Once I have the list of those objects to delete, I can loop through the list with the REST API and delete them.


      Another thought was to provide the user with am APP Action in the Space where they can mark a piece of content with an expiration date.  Once the date is reached, the item is deleted with a batch process that runs through the Rest API each night.

      I understand their is a retention module and we are exploring that as well.


      Thank you for your help




      We asked Jive Professional Services to scope the following custom development for us, which they have done.  We are awaiting budget approval and the maturation of our retention schedules to proceed.

      Sharing in case others have similar needs with other approaches or have leveraged 3rd party systems to solve for retention in Jive.


      Enhanced Content Management Features


      The objective is to build the application add-ons and/or back end job processing to allow the hard deletion of content, triggered by an expiration date that is set by the system or user. 



      • Create a batch process that can be scheduled to do these 5 things:


      1. Send inbox notification to authors of any document with an Expiration Date of 7 days from today.
      2. Set expiration dates on documents with a null expiration date to one year from the create date.
      3. Hard delete all content with an Expiration Date of less than or equal to today
      4. Hard deletes all documents with a Structured Outcome of “Outdated” regardless of the expiration date.
      5. Delete all content (other than documents) with a most recent view date of greater than a year old.


      • Develop a Custom App Action where the user can, “Set Expiration Date” on a document.  A user can set this expiration date on a document to either overwrite the null present upon create or to overwrite a system generated one.



      Reporting and logging will support the process to understand what is being deleted, who is setting expiration dates, and to troubleshoot issues that may arise.