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    Submit your community to the Webby Awards!

    Libby Taylor

      The Webby Awards

      Deadline: January 30, 2015

      Entry Fee: $345 (per category)

      Contact: Denise Roman, denise@webbyawards.com

      About: The 19th Annual Webby Awards is the leading international awards event honoring excellence on the internet. The Webby’s has expanded its categories this year to recognize the best websites, interactive advertising & media, online film & video, mobile sites & apps, and the social web.

      Recommendation (for example): Submit your external community for JiveX for the following categories:

      • Website category

      o   Recommended subcategories: “Blog – Business,” “Blog – Cultural,” and/or “Community”

      o   Also select for the Website Features and Design category: “Best User Experience,” “Best User Interface,” and/or “Best Navigation/Structure.”

      • Social category

      o   Recommended subcategory: Experimental & Innovation

      o   Also select for the Social Content & Marketing Category: “Culture & Lifestyle”

      • Mobile Sites & Apps category

      o   Recommended subcategory: Productivity (listed under Handheld Devices)

      o   Also select for the Features Category: “Best Practices”

      Logistics: Enter your Entry Title, site URL, who helped designed the page/platform (internal, agency, or publicist), and list additional credits for those involved in producing, designing, building, managing or marketing your entered submission.


      Note: Jive is not affiliated with the Webby Awards, we just thought you might want to know about it!

      Not sure if this applies to Jive Internal Communities