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    Learning Group: Let's Have a Virtual Meeting -- Friday, February 6, 2015

    Keeley Sorokti

      Hello Learning and Development group members --


      It's been interesting learning about how many of you are using Jive for learning and development over the past few months. At JiveWorld14 some of us who gathered for informal learning meetups expressed interest in meeting virtually to dig into some topics of mutual interest. 23 people filled out the Doodle: Jive Learning Group - Virtual Meeting and we've landed on Friday, February 6 from 2 - 3:30pm Central Time / 8 - 9:30pm GMT. Even if you didn't reply to the poll you can still attend the gathering.


      A few action items before we meet


      Join the meeting on Feb. 6

      I'll host in an Adobe Connect room where we can share screens and webcams. Audio is handled via teleconference and there are international local numbers to call if needed. To join, go here: http://nwuniversity.adobeconnect.com/jive-user-group/



      1. Welcome & Intros
      2. Learning & Development Use Cases (Current State)
      3. What are other possibilities for using Jive to support learning and development? What do we wish we could do? (Desired State)
      4. Gap Analysis
      5. Next Steps / Ideas for Next Gathering


      Available to attend on Feb. 6

      Keeley Sorokti

      Chrissy Pedulla (helping to facilitate session with Keeley)

      Nona Gormley

      Todd Hoskins - Todd Hoskins

      Melissa Winham

      Barbara Giannini

      Kevin Lole

      Todd Moran

      Christopher Gilland

      Julie Cardinali Brancik


      Michelle Campbell

      Shannon Camperson

      Allen Enriquez

      Dave Brooke

      Judi Cardinal

      Erin Connors

      John Turnbow - John Turnbow

      Natasha Rider

      Caroline Watson-Felt

      Shaun Slattery

      Daniel Marotta

      Kirsten Laaspere

      Duane Stallworth

      Amy Castillo

      Allen Enriquez

      Ted Hopton

      Neal Rowland

      Claire Richardson

      Andy Wooler


      Not able to attend -- we'll share a summary in the Learning and Development group and I'm sure there will be more meetings

      Maggie Judge - may try to attend

      Susan Rubio

      Mike Fraietta