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    Bug: Full names being shown rather than usernames




      I've set Jive up to display usernames rather than full names however this isn't being respected in several areas:


      1. Admins see full names
      2. Users see their own names
      3. People in a group with permissions: Moderate Content Manage Users Manage Groups Manage Community are also seeing display names rather than usernames

      I've seen bug reports from older versions of Jive where it says this will/has been fixed, but Jive 7 seems to have restored the bug.

      Are there any additional hidden configuration options that can be used to force usernames only? I have set correct options in the admin panel and also added the following configuration property:

      skin.default.displayFullNames  =  false

      Thanks, Lloyd.

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          Hi Lloyd Watkin - We're following up on this issue with a support case in your organization's secret group - We'll need to take a deeper look into this to see if there is happening due to a configuration setting.  A Jive Support rep is handling the investigation, and I'll be following up in this public discussion once we have a resolution in case anyone else in the Jive Community runs into the same issue.

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            As an update here for anyone else in the community who has the same question, based on a support case investigation around this behavior, it was found that even when Jive is configured to only show usernames, administrators who have manage permissions will be able to see the first and last name fields when looking at content or activity generated by users.


            This still means that non-admins will only be able to see the user's username when using Jive.


            This is the expected functionality of the system today, although I recognize that this can be confusing being that different users see different amounts of user information depending on their permissions.