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    I present to you: The iCustomer Jive


      This is our Jive for our company iCustomer. We’ve launched on the 15th of December and reached 78% of user adoption. Out of our registered users, 99% of them are active on the Community.

      Since our launch up until yesterday, we’ve had 283 posts. More than half (64%) were documents, helping us taking one big step towards one of our main goals, which is turning our Jive Community into our intranet.

      Our Community has 8 Spaces – all of them gather Subspaces – and one Group.

      Another goal set for this first semester is to involve at least one client in our Community. For that, an external Group will be created in order to keep communication with the client in Jive, show the client work digital environment, and, of course, reduce email exchanges. It's safe to say that this is on the way, too.


      Finally, here it is:


      Jive iCustomer Dashboard.png


      PS: We're setting up a name for our Community. Through a poll, the name will be chosen soon.


      PPS: I run this Community along with Clarissa Viana