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    Feedback on Projects - Tasks (Jive 7, Cloud)


      I'm currently working on building a sample project with tasks and sub tasks - some that I have imported via CSV and some that I have created natively. I have encountered a lot of user experience issues, and will list them here for further consideration from the product development team:


      1. There is no warning to let you know that a new task has the exact same name as another task in the project. This would not be a problem if it wasn't causing some errors with deletions. For instance, if I accidentally double a task, then want to delete one, it deletes BOTH.


      2. I am organizing tasks by workstream, since that's what most project groups do naturally, and am organizing this through tagging and categories:

           A) Tasks should have category checkboxes for the project below the tags input, just like every other content within a space.

           B) This should be an applicable field selection when importing and exporting csv files for tasks.

           UPDATE - C) Ummmm... categories don't work for tasks?


      3. If I happen to spend time detailing out a task, adding all the right people and tags, etc, then say "Oh that should probably be a subtask under Task X", there's no way to move it? Argh!!

      4. Under the "Tasks" tab of a project, you can't arrange and manage tasks by due date. Why?


      Note: Yes, I realize some of this can be resolved by having a group for the main project and have a project for each workstream, but seriously... that's not going to help adoption. "It's really easy, you just have to keep up with 15 places."

      In the meantime, I've alleviated navigation through a "My Stuff" dropdown that goes directly to groups, projects, and tasks that belong to you.


      Anyway, that's my feedback for now. Does anyone else have issues with this? Any creative ways you've gotten around functionality to work for your use case?


      Cc: Karen Valentine,

            Mike Weinert