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    Required permissions for securityGroups/members fields=@all filter


      When attempting to use the REST API to get a list of securityGroup members, I am seeing a 403 permission error:


      Received 403 response for https://aabbccdd.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/securityGroups/1015/members?startIndex=0&fields=@all


      Here are a couple questions:


      1. What are the specific permissions required for the fields=@all filter to successfully return all results?

      2. Is fields=@all even a valid/useful filter to apply to securityGroups/members?

      3. Documentation indicates the default is fields=@summary. Should this return the same information as not passing any filer in the URL?

      4. Could anyone provide a link to documentation where the @all filter value is described?



      Thanks in advance!