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    Jive'n Externally


      I have the pleasure of working with a couple communities on Jive. I work with External and Internal communities, but the external ones are the only ones I can really talk about and share details of. 



      GNS3 Community

      Was so much fun working on! As you can see from the design, they are a fun group!


      Working with Mark Blackwell and his team was such a great experience. I also had the pleasure to work with their partner ZGM on the design and layout of the community.  They truly grabbed the community by the horns and built a beautiful Jive Cloud community.


      This was a very fast paced project, so all of us had to get our hands dirty and dig in. I helped from the advising on Activation/Adoption to building spaces and configuring the community. 


      This community shows how creative you can truly be with the cloud environment. Many think that the cloud environment is just a cookie cutter community that you can add a color to, but this community really shows the expanse of creativity possible!


      This community exploded the second it hit the wires!  Growing to over 34K in just a couple weeks, to now having 159,836 users! Such a great success to the GNS3 team!






      I have truly enjoyed seeing this community flourish over the last year!  This community is a place for people can come ask Medicare questions. We all know how confusing healthcare can be, and this community helps ease that pain.


      I was involved in entire process of the community from strategy to build to managing. I don't always get the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the community, so this one not only taught me a lot it gave me great perspective into the community build, launch and grow.


      I was the community manager for the community for the first 6 months, then had the pleasure of onboarding Meagan Dahl to be the community manager. She is doing an absolutely fabulous job of managing the community.


      One of the creative things we did with this community is utilize tags to call out topics. Under the "Find an answer by Topic" you can click into a topic and be taken to a space that is listing all conversations by topic. On that space, we are using a Watch a Tag widget to pull in conversations with certain tags. As conversations are being created, the community manager is tagging them with specific tags to have them appear under the correct topic.  A quick and easy way to have the conversations live in 1 space, but be displayed in numerous places.


      The other great aspect of this community is that most of the content is truly generated by the users. The conversations and questions are from real live people that need medicare help. There are 5 experts that are on the community waiting to answer questions and respond with very knowledgable answers.  The experts are very quick to respond and have accurate answers to help the users quickly get help.


      In addition to answering questions, the experts also post blogs on Medicare topics and help the community manager by giving her feedback on topics to explore or overall feedback from the community.


      This is a great example of a Support Community!

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          Thanks for the shout out Laura. You and the entire team at 7Summits were absolutely amazing to work with and really look forward to continuing our efforts as we transition to a hosted environment + expand our efforts in 2015!


          Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day from the entire team at #GNS3.

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            Great post Laura.  Any community with a polar bear on it gets my vote, but when it skyrockets to 160k users in a couple months, then that really warrants some props for all involved.


            And who says healthcare can't have external support communities?!? I 100% that Mymedicareanswers.com is a great support community example.


            BTW - if you didn't get your Starbucks card today you'll for sure get it tomorrow morning.  Who knew we'd have 40 people to send them to.   Now that's what community is all about!  Cheers and cmad