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    exchange: putting our customers at the center of everything we do

      exchange is our online collaborative community for our clients, partners, and prospective customers. Our overarching goal is to put our customers at the center of everything we do. exchange (and Jive Software) has enabled us to do just that! Launched in August 2013, exchange unifies a dozen one-off systems to address six critical business functions for our Geospatial business unit:

      1. Customer Support

      2. Partner Enablement

      3. Product Innovation

      4. Online Education

      5. Events Execution

      6. Developer Engagement


      exchange in 3;09 is a brief explanatory video detailing the scope and intent of our community. I invite you all to watch the video while enjoying that cup of Starbucks coffee Adam Mertz has provided!


      Here's a screen capture of our overview page:



      We've had a busy 2014 expanding exchange, welcoming in four additional business units (welcome Oil & Gas, Water, Smart Grid, and Infrastructure!).


      Happy CMAD everyone!