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    Has anyone figured out a way to create something similar to YouTube channels with Jive video?


      I was asked about this today. One of our business areas apparently has a bunch of internal training videos that they currently host on YouTube. They like that they can have channels to make it easy for people to subscribe and to more easily scroll through a topic. I'm trying to think of the best way to accomplish this in Jive.


      Options that come to mind:

      • Set up a space or group just to house the video content, which would allow you to "subscribe" by following the place. There was a reticence to using this option, and I'm not really sure why.
      • Put the videos in whatever existing place similar non-video content is housed so that people talking about the general topic sees that there is video content available. But then you can't get notifications only when there is new video content, and you might actually be interested in videos that crossed boundaries.
      • Create specific tags for the content, and then use widgets to surface the content in multiple locations. Doesn't handle the subscription aspect.


      What other options are there?