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    How to store the data in session?


      Hi All,


      I am developing custom widget for RSS subscription to get the feeds from the multiple URL's in Jive7. I am able to pull data and display the feeds in the widget. every time the widget refreshed i am pulling the fresh data from feeds url's.

      Now the requirement is I need to maintain old feeds data in the session and user need able to search the old feeds. I have tired storing the data in session using "widgetContext.getRequest().getSession();". but every time I refresh the widget I am getting the new session and data which i stored in the session is lost.


      How to store the data in my session? is Jive have any session object? or any other approach is available in Jive7 to store that data?


      I don't want to store it in database. Since we are maintaining this feeds for specific interval time (one or two weeks).