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    Having trouble with space permissions


      I'm having trouble with space permissions. I've created a space for our corporate communications (called "Executive Corner") where I want two groups of permissions (1) all registered users to be able to comment, participate in polls, etc and (2) Executives only to be able to create original content


      In the permissions>spaces admin console, I've created an Executive Group with the permission level to 'create' and I've changed all users to 'contribute' (see photo).


      Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be working. I've checked with several of our users (non Executive Group members) and they are still able to create content in this space.


      Any ideas???

      Space permissions.jpg

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          I wanted to post back here in the discussion in case anyone else in the community was running into the same behavior:  It was determined in a private support case that the issue seen here is a bug, which has been filed under bug ID JIVE-48183.


          With this bug, users who do not have the ability to create new content can still see the "Create a Document" link, although users will not be able to actually publish documents in the place.